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The Sandlot Pitcher/Catcher Clinic will be led by Collegiate School baseball coaches Andrew Slater and Brian Turnage along with Collegiate/NC State alum Evan Justice of the Colorado Rockies organization. 
This clinic is designed to provide 3 hours of intensive pitcher/catcher training.
*Catchers must have their own gear.

Pitching training will focus on:

  • Arm care plan

  • Arm strength development

  • Delivery drills

  • Pitch design

  • Secondary pitch development

  • Bullpens

  • Fielding positions (pitcher's fielding practice)

  • Pick off series

  • Mindset and Mental Performance

Catcher training will focus on:

  • Stances (signal, primary, secondary)

  • Blocking

  • Receiving

  • Throwing to bases (footwork and exchanges)

  • Pitch calling

  • Game management

  • Pop ups

  • Fielding bunts

  • Tag plays

Age Groups
3rd - 6th grade boys
Saturday, December 17, 2022
9am - 12pm
Collegiate School's Robins Campus
Bart Farinholt